Hi love!

I'm Sena, Cacao Coach, Transformational Guide, Plant Medicine Educator, Heart-Opener and Ceremonialist.

I combine my business skills with the wisdom of Plants to help you connect to your truest essence. I help you drop into your heart, remember the ancient ways encoded in your DNA, and get clear on what your soul is craving.

I'm a fear alchemist.

I know what it's like to feel the immense power stuck deep inside you that has no outlet.

I know the part of you that craves The Old Ways of ritual, earth wisdom and being guided by your feminine intuition. The part of you that watches other women shine and whispers "I can do that, too."

I've taken the big leaps, and faced my deepest fears only to find a more expansive, blissful, aliveness than I ever thought possible on the other side.

I know the power of following your truth and shedding the layers of all that is not you.

I see the power in you when you can say "I've got me," and mean it with every cell of your being.

I've experienced the magic that unfolds when you trust yourself and get clear about what you deserve.

I see your magic, and I'm here to help you let it out.

Because this is why you came here.

I'm here to help you remember.

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