Sena Flowerchild 2017

I'm here to help you feel, so that you can heal.

My philosophy is that we are here to experience life to our fullest capacity.

I'm a heart opener, ceremonialist and people empowerer. I am most passionate about creating safe spaces for us to get really honest. Sharing our authentic feelings is the most efficient path I've found to integrating all of the parts of ourselves. I want us to become comfortable dropping out of our heads and into our hearts. I want us to be comfortable not knowing.

I build deeper pathways to self-acceptance, self-worth and self-love through ceremony, sound, yoga, meditation, plant medicine and coaching. I'm here to support our shift into heart-centered living.

I now live in Sonoma County, CA where I lead women’s circles, cacao ceremonies, and international retreats. Deep bows of gratitude to my teachers and the many people that have helped me on this path. Thank you for being here.

Photo cred: Alison Vieira & Sara Strickler


I didn't choose to start sharing cacao, Cacao chose me to start sharing her.

After sharing photos of my morning rituals on Instagram, people started asking lots of questions.

Then, Business Insider referenced me in an article about how Cacao was a new SF fad, without my prior knowledge. As I read through the article full of misinformation I knew I had to speak up. I couldn't let people learn about this plant spirit that has brought so much to my life from a misinformed article.

Then I started receiving questions from people trying to make ceremonial cacao using cacao powder from the bulk section at Whole Foods.

I had to do something. But I didn't know what.

I went to a Redwood grove near my house and took 7 Cacao wafers with me.

I laid down on a picnic table and started writing.

I received my whole business, including my online course, in 30 minutes.
I attribute my work completely to the healing work I've done with plants, the teachers, guides, peers and Elders along the way, the guidance of the Cacao spirit, and the wisdom of the Redwoods.

I have so much honor and respect for this medicine. I am so grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.

My relationship with cacao is deeply personal, and I am mostly self-taught. While cacao grows near the equator around the world, Mesoamerican cultures have a history of working with cacao in ceremonial contexts going back ~4,000 years. I am not an indigenous carrier of this medicine, and it is important to bring awareness to and honor the Maya people, and the other indigenous tribes from Mexico, Belize, Ecuador, Peru and more that have nurtured and protected this medicine for centuries.

My intention for sharing cacao in this way is to 1) follow the guidance from the Cacao spirit in wanting to reach more people and bring us back into a heart-centered, balanced way of life 2) educate people around sustainable high quality sources so we are collectively supporting small family farms using permaculture principles instead of industrial farms that are raping the land and disrespecting and displacing farmers in developing countries and 3) complete the circle by returning a portion of my profits to indigenous people working with Cacao, and investing in projects that support Mother Earth.

Thank you for being here.

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Her spirit and presence act as an inspiring and transformative guide. Having attended multiple cacao ceremonies that Sena leads, her ability to bring groups together and create a spiritual force field is magnificent. I feel wholly connected to the safe space Sena creates for the community. Her words, song and ceremonial understanding allows her to invite any group into a new or revisited space of peace, reflection and connection. 

- Tara  K.