Why I have removed the phrase ‘Medicine Carrier’ from my title

I recently received a reflection that I was culturally appropriating by using the phrase “Medicine Carrier” on my website. This made me pause and has unearthed a deep reflection within me around my identity, and how I have been portraying myself online.

I’m in the midst of this inquiry, where a lot of my answers are “I don’t know,” but if you’ve been following me lately you know that the topic of cultural appropriation and white privilege has been on my heart, and this situation has caused me to look even deeper within myself.

As I’ve been stripping away the layers I’ve realized something crucial.

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Why am I teaching about a sacred plant medicine in an online format?

I recently launched Open Your Heart With Cacao which is a foundational course to introduce people to working with Cacao for healing and heart opening. One of the first questions I received when I shared my course with a shamanic practitioner was around the online format.

Can this experience be achieved in an online format?

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Thriving is a Privilege (From a Spiritual White* Woman)

Once my eyes had been opened to the concept of synchronicities, and the possibilities of creating my reality and manifesting my dreams, I was dumbfounded to observe people in my community not making the same leaps and bounds that I was. I talked to many peers, mostly white, cis-gendered, 20-something females, that felt stuck and were unhappy. A place I knew well. I would give them inspirational books and articles, and strongly tout the benefits of yoga + meditation for healing. But nothing changed.

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