My Response to Business Insider's Article about Cacao Ceremonies

I had a surprise last Thursday when I woke up to read a Business Insider article about Cacao Ceremonies in SF. While that was pretty surprising in itself, the fact that I was mentioned in the article was even more surprising. While on one hand I'm glad that Cacao is reaching more people, and it's kind of cool to be featured in such a large publication for my work, I've had a sour taste in my mouth since reading the article

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The Journey - pt 2: My first cacao ceremony

I sat down in the circle and immediately had a strange feeling; I've been here before.

I hadn't actually been there before. I was on vacation in a small town in Mexico, sitting down in a circle of mostly strangers for a Cacao ceremony. I had never heard of Cacao or participated in a shamanic ceremony before. My logical mind had no idea what to expect. Yet, as I sat there observing the Mesa prepared for the ceremony I felt intimately familiar with the ceremonial items. I knew somewhere deep within me that I'd sat in ceremonial circles hundreds, probably thousands of times before in my past lifetimes. I felt no apprehension of what was about to happen.

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