A f***-ton can happen in 20 minutes

After I meditate I try to answer the question "What was illuminated?" The title of this blog post is what came to me tonight after sitting for 20 minutes. 

If you look at someone meditating you will likely think it looks boring, simple, easy - I'm often amazed at how I can keep my body so still for so long while internally I've traveled to my future wedding day, my 5-year old self, been through anger, pain, joy, excitement, reviewed 4 to-do lists, and traveled through the waves of my breath while noticing every single movement and feeling in my body.

To me that's part of the beauty of meditation. The simplicity of it is SO hard for many people in our society to accept. Being without stimulation seems so boring, unproductive. Yet - if you work at it a little, you'll soon realize it's the opposite.

Sagas can take place in minutes. You will experience things you've never felt before. You'll make connections between things that seemed completely unrelated 5 minutes prior. Your thoughts will surprise you. Your breath will surprise you. The sensations in your body will surprise you. And every single time it's different. Overwhelmingly different. So much so that while it often feels like home to sit in front of my altar, the act of meditating never fails to remind me that I am a beginner and always will be. I don't know if meditating will ever be comfortable, in the sense of ease we typically associate comfort with. Comfortable in that it won't require work. But I do know it's a journey to a completely new place every time and it's the most important journey I can choose to take each day. 

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