Own your life- Rituals (1 of 4)

There are many sites that give you productivity tips for how to be more efficient, more organized, etc. This is an effort to combine those tips with a holistic approach on how to integrate your work, family, friends, passions and your own personal journey and spirituality into a place with more balance, less stress, and more room for enjoyment allowing you to be present in your day-to-day life.

Take what speaks to you and leave the rest.

1. Your Sadhana | Ritual | Routine

"Sādhanā is a discipline undertaken in the pursuit of a goal." For me, Sadhana means my daily practice that includes chanting my mantra, meditating, journaling, yoga (asana) and pulling an oracle card. I also try read regularly.

Important characteristics regardless of your routine:

- Commitment to and defending of your time

- Solitude

- Gratitude

- Something physical

Many people prefer to do their ritual first thing in the morning, and I've found that's the most consistent time for me.  I strongly encourage setting up a dedicated sacred space for this practice. It will help your mind and body get used to your new practice and removes a lot of barriers. Plus it's really nice to have an area devoted to you and your practice. Take care of this space. Make it comfortable.

Next steps:

- Take some time to write down a few things you'd like to do daily and why.

- Come up with a plan for how to incorporate some of these things into your day. Start small.

- Pick a place to dedicate to you, and start thinking about how to make it comfortable (candle, nice pillow to sit on, flowers, photos that move you, etc). It's OK if you don't know what to do in that space just yet. Sitting there to read, write, just think - it's yours, and it will always be there.

(I've updated this into 4 posts to keep the length manageable, look for the next installments on the blog :)