Own your life - Happiness Projects (2 of 4)

2. Your Happiness + Passion Projects

Your happiness/passion project is an experiment or project you do FOR YOURSELF.  It's not tied to money, fame, or any other external result. It could be something as big as your personal quest, or as simple as a commitment to reading a book for 1 hour every Sunday morning.

Important characteristics of this project:

- honoring a regular time commitment

- it makes you happy (does it feel like a chore? think about decreasing the frequency or, choose something else.)

- goals or milestones are nice to have, but not required. If you are goal driven, they can help keep you on course, but happiness projects are as much about the journey, as the outcome (sometimes more-so).

Why are these important? Doing what makes your soul dance is why you are put on this earth. This is the decision and investment in fulfilling your purpose, your dharma, your cosmic blueprint. If you love painting, paint. If you love dancing, dance. If you love walking around and looking at trees, walk around and look at trees. These are projects you undertake not because they are something you should do. These are things you must do. You'll be surprised at where they take you.

My projects need to include: a way to give/share with others to improve the well-being of us all, collaboration with loved ones, and a means of personal discovery. They also need to be challenging in some way (i.e. I need to always be learning).

Next steps

Not sure what you're passionate about or what really makes you happy? Make a commitment to yourself to discover it. Here are some resources.

Already have an idea about what you would like to spend more time doing?

  • Commit time each day or week to working on it. Start small (Elle Luna does 23 minutes/day). Schedule it into your week, and stand up for your time. This is important.