Own your life - love (4 of 4)

4. Quality Time With Those You Love aka Giving to Others

- I try and tie this in to my passion project by building relationships based on help I need for this site, getting people's opinions, etc.

- schedule time each week to spend time with someone you love. This shouldn't be an energy suck. This may be something you already do. But do it with intention, pick events or activities that will bring you joy. Get outside.

- This could also be a time to look at how you give back. Seriously, giving to others is more rewarding than most things I can think of. I teach yoga weekly at my work through our volunteer program and it is always healing for me.

Giving back doesn't have to be you volunteering x # of hours at X non-profit. Giving back can be as simple as being there for a friend, with the intention to be fully present, listening with non-judgment, and creating a space where they feel comfortable to share and ask for help/advice/input. Or smiling at someone who looks like they are having a rough day.

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