Trending: Badass Paper Planners

Paper is back ya'll. I've noticed 3 new paper planners out and I'm really excited about them, so I wanted to share them along with some thoughts. 

The SELF journal is one I've backed on Kickstarter, and they've generously provided the PDF files for the journals prior to shipping them, so you can start using them now if you back them. They include inspiring stories and have daily rituals and long term planning templates. They've done a lot of research on great people and how they become great, so this is a good one if you have some business/productivity goals.


ANote2Self is written by Alex Elle (whom I really enjoy following). I like this one because it is beautiful, and has a more feminine feel to it. It tracks the moon cycles to 'help you put your journey in a bigger context within life's journey.' This one feels softer, and allows for more personal reflection and creativity.

The Desire Map Day Planner is one I've been trying out (since it is the first one I found, not because it's my favorite). I've learned that I really like having a paper planner with more soul to it, and the daily and monthly reflection is great. This one doesn't have weekly planning in it, which is something I'm missing. She's updated these for 2016, though, and it has some pretty fierce inspiring quotes in it along with daily reflection on your Core Desired Feelings for the day, which is a cool way to check in with your values.