Kicking off 2016 in Jakarta

I loved blogging about my last backpacking trip 5 years ago, so as it's Day 2 of my 1 month trip to Indonesia I've decided to put some relaxed effort into expressing myself a bit more on the interwebs and share my journey on this trip :) 

We landed on Jan 2nd in Jakarta and have been very lucky to stay with a family friend who happens to have a lovely home with 2 fluffy sweet cats, a rad koi pond, and a great AC room for us to stay in. We also have a lovely maid named Yenny, and a private driver, because that's the norm here, apparently. It does feel a bit like we traveled for 24 hours to get to a very similar place to America (less the maid and private driver), which is a totally OK way to ease into our month abroad. Both David and I feel most at home in South America, so this trip was a push to get ourselves out of our comfort zone. Neither of us know a word in Indonesian, so it's even more awesome to have our lovely host Jim as a tour guide and historian to get us acquainted.

So far I have learned 3 words: Setu (1), Dua (2) and Namé (name, I think.)

Day 1 was orientation: lots of sleeping (jet lag), figuring out the $ conversion rate which is roughly 14,000 Rupiahs = $1.00 (!). Understanding the dress code (no short shorts, otherwise normal), getting used to the weather (really humid), and listening to the Muslim call to prayer which happens 5 times a day. The first one happens around 4am, which so far has been fun to listen to since I've been up that early anyway. David and I alternated our frequent napping patterns with getting to know our host Jim, and learning about the history of Indonesia and his time living here. His daughter Georgia (13) makes the most amazing paintings which are delightfully posted around the house. I napped from ~5pm-9pm, then ate some Indian takeout food with Jim, and promptly went back to sleep from 10pm-3:30am. My goal today is to stay up til ~7pm.

Day 2: David and I practiced Ashtanga from 5-7am, which was really lovely (and sweaty). The cats Coco and Luna joined us for some asanas and kept us company as the sun rose. I tweaked my back in one of my last poses which has been gnawing at me all day, so I'm trying to stay relaxed and not be worried, which isn't too hard to do given that my schedule is wide open and I feel very at ease. We ate some Indian takeout food for breakfast, learned a LOT about the history of Indonesia from Jim, and then took a car tour of Jakarta with his driver. We first went to Surabaya which is a long row of tiny antique shops, which start to blend together after visiting 20 of them. They have some pretty unique stuff, but given that this is the beginning of the trip and I have 26 more days of carrying my backpack around, I didn't end up purchasing anything. Most of the stuff was huge masks and statues, lots of puppets which are apparently a thing here, crystal light fixtures, art and knick knacks. If I lived here I would definitely deck out my house with a lot of stuff from Surabaya. David ended up throwing himself in the bartering ring over a teeny statue - and ended up making the Indonesian salesman very happy - both parties left smiling at the end : ) 

I find myself being pulled back into my 'corporate life' way of thinking (for lack of a better word at the moment #jetlag) and putting pressure on myself to move on sooner than later. There's this creeping judgment that I'm not 'taking advantage' enough of the trip or that I need to see more, faster. I'm wondering if Jakarta is really worth spending two whole nights in because it's just a big city and not really my vibe; my practice right now is to be content exactly where I am, and be comfortable just going with the flow. The universe has brought me this really comforting home-y place to stay at, and especially while I'm getting used to all of the new sensory information coming at me, it's a huge blessing to have this place to re-combobulate myself. (I made that word up, and I can't think of a better way to describe how I feel at the moment). I'm shapeshifting from a Google employee + yogi who commutes 2 hours a day and lives by my calendar to a free spirit traveler wandering through Indonesia and not knowing where I will be sleeping 3 nights from now.

My current affirmation is: you are exactly where you are supposed to be.