300 hours of yoga + turning inward

I'm currently sitting in the sweetest hotel room ever in Ollantaytambo, Peru which is in the Sacred Valley about 1.5 hours from Cuzco. Two days ago I completed my 300 hour yoga teacher training course with Kula Collective, and I have so much information to process and integrate. It exceeded my expectations for the amount of learning, self-growth and the amazing tribe we formed, and it was a beautiful initiation into the next part of my path. 

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What I believe to be true

I feel compelled to write this blog post to share my beliefs in a more complete form. During my in-progress-transformation into a more spiritually connected and awake woman, there have been questions, misunderstandings, and a lot left unsaid from people in my life. 

I am thankful for the questions, and the doubts, and the concerns, because they offer me a moment of reflection and definition; who is the person that I am becoming in this moment? While I believe this person will be a very different person in a month, a year and 10 years, I find the exercise of self-definition useful right now.

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