The Journey - pt 2: My first cacao ceremony

I sat down in the circle and immediately had a strange feeling; I've been here before.

I hadn't actually been there before. I was on vacation in a small town in Mexico, sitting down in a circle of mostly strangers for a Cacao ceremony. I had never heard of Cacao or participated in a shamanic ceremony before. My logical mind had no idea what to expect. Yet, as I sat there observing the Mesa prepared for the ceremony I felt intimately familiar with the ceremonial items. I knew somewhere deep within me that I'd sat in ceremonial circles hundreds, probably thousands of times before in my past lifetimes. I felt no apprehension of what was about to happen.

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A Framework For Your Life

During the first week of my advanced yoga teacher training I was given a gift. It was the Inca belief system of the Chakana, which includes the ideology of the three worlds. Once I understood these worlds and my place in them it was as if something clicked and settled into place that I didn’t know was missing. I now have a framework that integrates the external world around me with my internal levels of consciousness. I have a deeper sense of belonging and more tools to help me process the ups and downs of life that I experience. In this essay I will apply the model of the three worlds to a major transition in my life.

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