cacao Coaching, Ceremonies + Healing Sessions

Exploring the ancient wisdom of the Mayan peoples by journeying with the Cacao Spirit has been incredibly healing for me.

I'm available for Cacao Coaching, Cacao Ceremonies & Cacao, Reiki + Sound Healing Sessions.

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Sena's ceremonies transformed my life.

Each one of them was a work of magic. She brings her own beautiful personality into the traditional rituals, with words, breath, music, meditation and flowing creativity. Bringing the sweet and gentle cacao spirit from Central America, to the city of San Francisco, gracefully guiding us to open to the ancient wisdom and bring it into our modern anxious life. The way she holds space is unique and authentic. She creates a safe space for everyone to be who they are and express themselves freely. 

- Ella B. 

Sena has a rich sense of humor and zest for life. Her vision is deep and energy is boundless. Sena is a gentle guide, her practice is to tell you what she thinks, but not what you should think. I’ve felt very safe and supported in the cacao ceremonies led by Sena. I’ve been struck by her consistency, equanimity, and kindness. You need an ear, you need a hug, you need help, Sena is there. Like the Sufi sages, Sena teaches by practice. Every moment is a potential opportunity for ceremony, reflection and gratitude to the Divine. You get a sense that Sena lives her life by this philosophy. Her teachings and very being light a candle for us to see. - Katy P.


Sena's ability to bring groups together through ceremony and ritual is absolutely breathtaking.

Her spirit and presence act as an inspiring and transformative guide. Having attended multiple cacao ceremonies that Sena leads, her ability to bring groups together and create a spiritual force field is magnificent. I feel wholly connected to the safe space Sena creates for the community. Her words, song and ceremonial understanding allows her to invite any group into a new or revisited space of peace, reflection and connection. 

- Tara  K.