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Developing a Relationship with Cacao

For people new to working with Cacao

Sliding scale: $88-108

1.5 hrs


We will prepare, enjoy + co-create ceremony together as a means of introducing you to working with Cacao medicine. After this session you will have the experience needed to work with Cacao regularly for personal healing.

As we prepare a warm beverage made of sacred ceremonial Cacao together we will learn about the history of this medicine, and how to honor the ancient Earth traditions. We will set an intention for our time together and call in the Spirit of the plant to work with us before drinking the Cacao.

I will then lead you through a meditation I received from the Cacao Spirit. While working with Cacao in this session you will experience first hand the physical, mental, emotional + spiritual benefits of working with Cacao on a regular basis.

Sharing Cacao with Others

For people who have a relationship with Cacao

Sliding scale: $188-208

2 hrs

Intention setting, clarity + visioning

I will support you in deepening your understanding of your connection with Cacao and your calling to work with it on deeper levels

Sharing ceremony

We will share a Cacao ceremony together, with you leading it to the level at which you are comfortable. As Cacao allows for versatility my goal is to experience how you connect with the medicine, rather than impose my approach. From there we can collaborate through constructive dialogue to solidify your ceremony offering. My intention is that you will leave your session more comfortable + confident in sharing your unique heart offering + connection with Cacao with the world. You will also leave inspired and more knowledgeable about working with this Sacred plant.

Specific topics addressed: 

- honoring Mother Earth through Mayan wisdom traditions

 - creating sacred space

- holding sacred space

- how to share Cacao with others in a safe way

- ADD ON: marketing your offering - custom pricing available

Sena has a rich sense of humor and zest for life. Her vision is deep and energy is boundless. Sena is a gentle guide, her practice is to tell you what she thinks, but not what you should think. I’ve felt very safe and supported in the cacao ceremonies led by Sena. I’ve been struck by her consistency, equanimity, and kindness. You need an ear, you need a hug, you need help, Sena is there. Like the Sufi sages, Sena teaches by practice. Every moment is a potential opportunity for ceremony, reflection and gratitude to the Divine. You get a sense that Sena lives her life by this philosophy. Her teachings and very being light a candle for us to see. - Katy P.