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Cacao, Reiki + Sound Healing Sessions

Sliding scale: $138-$188

1.5 hrs

We will start the session with a warm cup of delicious Cacao to support our healing time together. Cacao will help you get out of your mind and into your body which will increase your capacity to heal and remove blockages.

Through a combination of sound healing and Reiki (energy healing) I will take you on a journey that will enable your subtle body to release blockages. At the end of your session we will have created space for energy to more freely infuse your life with love.

By using my voice, the harmonium, chimes, a crystal alchemy singing bowl, tuning forks, and other instruments I am able to bypass your logical mind and access your cells directly to facilitate gentle yet powerfully effective healing to occur. Reiki + the specific sound healing techniques I apply have been proven to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, balance the right + left hemispheres of the brain, and invoke a more relaxed state. These techniques combined with heart-opening Cacao medicine offer a unique opportunity to reconnect with our true soul essence of loving equanimity regardless of what the external world brings our way.

Unconditional love energy is available to us always, yet we often amass energetic blocks + tension in our physical bodies which hinders or stops altogether the flow of this life energy through our being. By investing in a Cacao, Reiki + Sound Healing session you are sending a message to the universe that you are acknowledging that you are always worthy of love. By giving your self love in the form of a healing session you are manifesting the continuation of a free-flow of love abundance to flow to you and through you.