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Cacao Ceremony - Going Deep, Sebastopol

Sirens Studio at Subud Hall - 234 Hutchins Ave, Sebastopol, California 95472

You may have experienced Cacao as a support to other activities such as kirtan, dance, or moon circles.
What happens when Cacao is the main focus of a group ceremony?

When I first led Cacao ceremonies, this is what came through. 3 hours of deep communion with the spirit of Cacao herself, supported by soundscapes, medicine songs + mantras.

About Cacao:
There is an ancient prophecy that says Cacao, the unprocessed version of chocolate, will come back to the masses when we have lost connection with our hearts. This plant medicine has been used ceremonially for 3,500 years, and helps remove blockages on the physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual levels so that we can connect with our fulllest expression of love.

About the ceremony:
We will open the ceremony by learning a Cacao medicine song and learning about this beautiful medicine, setting intentions, and harmonizing into the same frequency through sound + visualizations to open our intuition and imagination.

I will then invite you to get cozy, lie down, and let the music and Cacao take you on a journey. Otherworldy pianist and musician Jesse Klein will be providing us with incredible soundscapes to support our journeys. You may experience visions, incredible bliss, emotional releases, energetic clearings, or something totally different. Cacao is a gentle, yet powerful medicine and she will take us to the door but will not push us through it. We will then have time for journaling, and a closing sharing circle.

- eat a lighter lunch so the Cacao can assimilate more easily.
- avoid alcohol or caffeine the day of the ceremony.
- If you are on any antidepressants, are breast feeding, have any heart issues or a history of epilepsy please let me know.

What to bring:
- altar items
- journal + pen
- water bottle
- cushions + comfortable clothes

What to expect:
- Cacao increases blood flow and is a heart centered energy.
- Cacao can stimulate a detox response from the body, which can result in nausea and/or headaches. If this happens we can drink some water it will ultimately be a good thing to get those toxins out :) We'll be starting with half of a dose and take the 2nd half after a group meditation, so you'll know how your body responds to the cacao and can decide if you'd like a full dose at that point.
- it's best to have an unscheduled evening post ceremony to integrate and rest.

My intention is to create a safe, nourishing space for you to connect with the Cacao spirit, your selves and each other

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. it's such an honor to share this with you.

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