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Co-ed Cacao Ceremony + Discussion: The Sex Ed We Never Got

Join Denell Nawrocki and Sena Shellenberger to open our hearts with Cacao and receive some Sex Ed We Never Got!
Sena will be serving Cacao while Denell shares her presentation given at Oregon Eclipse Festival.

All are welcome! Couples encouraged (at a discounted price!).
In "The Sex Ed You Never Got", Denell dives into the world of female reproductive anatomy and unveils this system's least talked about portion: the Cervix. Denell will go over what the cervix is, its purpose in the female body, and begin dialogue surrounding Safe-Sex when it comes to Cervical Health. We will explore cervical pleasure, cervical positioning during arousal, and open up the space for conversation surrouding the reason why females 'take longer to warm up' than males.

This conversation is for anyone with female reproductive anatomy or anyone who engages in vaginal penetrative sex with those with female reproductive anatomy.


Cacao is an incredible superfood that helps us open our heartspace and connect more deeply with one another. The Mayans and Aztecs considered cacao “The Food of the Gods” and revered it so much it was once used as their currency. We are blessed to have access to this medicine and these traditions as we collectively heal the feminine and raise our consciousness.

*Important* If you are on any antidepressants, are breast feeding, have any heart issues or a history of epilepsy please let us know.

Please bring:
- Water Bottle
- blanket, small pillow, and anything to make yourself comfortable
- warm & comfortable clothing
- items for the group altar
- journal + pen (optional)

Before ceremony:
- Set your intention: Coming with a clear intention can deepen the experience. If you wish, spend some time before the ceremony preparing your intentions.
- Avoid Caffeine & Alcohol: In order to experience the subtle yet powerful effects of cacao, we recommend avoiding alcohol and caffeine the day prior and the day of the ceremony.
-Have a light meal in the morning: It's best to eat a light meal for breakfast/lunch so the cacao can assimilate more easily. We recommend that you do not eat within 4 hours before the ceremony begins.
- After Ceremony: The medicine will continue to work with you after the ceremony ends. We recommend having an unscheduled evening post-ceremony so you can continue to process and integrate. We will have some light food after the ceremony to ground your experience.

$20-$30 suggested donation - cash or venmo @seens18 or PayPal

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