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I first met Jonas Ketterle, the founder of Firefly Chocolate, at Shaktifest in 2015. I was relatively new to the cacao path, and I was so excited to meet someone as passionate about cacao as I was.

Fate led me to move to the same area as Firefly in 2017, and it's been lovely to be in driving distance from his Chocolate Studio where I go pick-up cacao, try out new flavors & have business meetings (where we mostly just drink cacao and talk about cacao ;)

Jonas is incredibly passionate about cacao as a way to inspire awe and wonder. He also has an engineering background and has designed some of the equipment he uses to make his cacao himself. He has developed a new form for ceremonial cacao, the discs, which are much easier to work with. This is a major change from the industry standard, which is a 1lb+ brick of cacao that you have to chop yourself. The ceremonial discs allow for easy measurement, and a smoother liquid. Not to mention they're great for snacking on.

Jonas' is very selective about the cacao farmers he works with and makes incredible blends as well, which have made me super happy to support his work and spread the good word. He also ships super fast, all around the world!

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Grab a cup of cacao and join Jonas and I for an informal chat about his journey from lover of chocolate bars to ceremonial cacao maker.

In this video we talk about:

  • common cacao misconceptions 
  • how cacao gets from the rainforest to the ceremonial cacao in your cup
  • his introduction to cacao by Maria, a Mexican grandmother in a small town in Mexico.
  • how Cacao guided him to take a ceremonial dose while he was hiking in Hawaii
  • how he alchemizes the elements of Earth, Water, Fire & Air to make his ceremonial cacao
  • the difference between chocolate as candy and a ceremonial beverage
  • the ancient wisdom of cacao, and how it's genetics are 80 million years old!